I’m passionate about training those passionate about photography, be you amateur or someone wanting to turn professional

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I offer 1:1 and group  training for the amateur photographer wanting to learn how to use their dslr more fully.

Amateur 1:1 DSLR & composition training £300 

Amateurs, interested in photography, often have aspirations to take better photographs, but are reticent about missing ‘THE’ shot. As a result many will stick to the auto settings for safety. Instinctively, having invested in a DSLR, one knows that one is only using about 10% of the camera’s intelligence! If you hanker after taking better, more creative imagery using manual settings this course is for you.

I offer an 8 hour 1:1 course across 3-4 sessions of two hours each, with accessible language, notes and tips. Each course is tailored to each individual after an initial assessment of what you may know already. It is guaranteed to:

  •  get you on to manual settings inside the first 40 minutes
  • use models in 1-2 sessions to practise your people photography and composition
  • offer homework asignments to spur you on with your learning
  • provide content and notes which covers the exposure triangle, reading light, white balance, depth of field,  composition guidelines, posing people
  • stretch those who master the above quickly, as we move on to metering and much much more.

Chris Purves was an amateur client who came to me, wanting to better his camera know-how, ahead of a once in a lifetime trip to Borneo with his family. He said of the course:

The 8 hours were immense fun and most importantly I came away feeling confident that I now understand my DSLR and how to take better photographs of my family. Manual mode no longer has me running to hide behind the sofa! I have a good understanding of light, metering and white balance. Class notes are extremely useful and I had no idea at the start that I’d be gaining experience using models. This took the course to a whole new level! It really pushed me to think about composition and how to get the best from my subjects. Everyone who has seen my photography before and after the course can tell something has changed. All in all the course was incredible value for money. I shall be back next year for a bespoke ‘advanced’ course!


Amateur Group and Pair Tuition training £250 per head

This option includes all of the Amateur 1:1 course but offers friends a discount for coming together on their learning experience. Maximum group size is 3 to guarantee individual attention. Just ask me for details and call for a chat on 07725736982

NB. Second shooting for [MEL WILDE PHOTOGRAPHY] in a wedding, commercial or family shoot is reserved for those who have completed a ‘Turning Pro’ course and demonstrated sufficient confidence and competence. Client permission always applies so this offering sits outside the formal course structure and is not guaranteed. Internships are occasionally available but will be publicised via the [MEL WILDE PHOTOGRAPHY] facebook page in the first instance.

If you are interested in training with [MEL WILDE PHOTOGRAPHY], get in touch. I’d love to hear from you! [email protected] Mel xx