Local businesses in Wimbledon and nearby use me a lot. They ask me to make photography that makes them stand out. Whether it’s creative website images, portraits of them, or marketing  services like Gardenia’s Bloomsbox ….I am always ready to chat about your business.


Working with other businesses inspires me.  Whether you are starting out or very established, your passion is  infectious. When a business asks my advice on commercial imagery, I want to understand your business, your goals, your customers. Then we decide what you want the images to say. All business has to market well to thrive. Visual imagery is the BEST vehicle for that.  Every business leader wants their budget to go far. That’s why I always chat through your needs and see what we can accomplish together. We need to agree  my photography style is your best fit. And when we get that right, I know you’ll come back again or refer me to others.

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Talented. Lovely. She captured the essence of what Gardenia of London is.

– Nick Brett, Commercial Manager, Gardenia of London

Entrepeneurs like Sandra Nardi of Lady Wimbledon and Bombshell PR consultancy are great examples of how different commissions can be. Sandra’s need was for a fun summer Magazine Cover for the June 2016 cover of Wimbledon’s Darling Magazine.


bombshell consultancy lady wimbledon mel wilde photography


The perfect person for my cover. She’s one of the best.

– Sandra Nardi

Sandra knew I had magazine experience. She wanted an image with zing: high contrast, plenty of colour, something that popped. The dark background was unusual for a summer cover, but we knew it would deliver something stunning. We chatted locations and got to work with Kaz Fernando on make up. The winner image stood out. On the June Darling cover, Sandra looked every inch the fun, dynamic PR lead that she is.

The images were amazing. I was really worried how all our low lighting would look on camera, but she knew exactly how to approach it. She toured the venue with me well ahead of the day and stayed an hour listening to my vision for the look and feel. She listens and is very professional.

On the night, she was so warm and fun, the perfect event photographer. Mel is talented. I look forward to every time we work together.

– Danielle Sweeney, Ambience Events

dressy messy decor 2015 wm


ambience events dressy messy ball 2jpg

I am here to help.   I am used to capturing food, events, business leads, chefs, authors, cover girls, bridal gown models, products…

Because I am a wedding and people photographer, there are few things I haven’t captured in terms of people, events and portraits. My experience drew requests from local restaurants, gown designers, florists, hoteliers and the commercial arm of my business took off.

Have something more unusual? Try me! I have done everything from Olympic Rowers to artisan bread, muddy fitness classes to lingerie, horses, make up artists to soft play cafes, children’s drama classes and yes, even a dentist! Have a browse of my gallery to see how varied those commissions get!

Fantastic images, Mel. They really capture the children’s engagement and fun, thank you.

Really looking forward to using them on our site.

– Tom Ashton, Principal of Dramacademy.

Concerned about fees, don’t be. I offer great midweek rates with negotiable weekend and evening fees.

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Whether your need is interior hotel or restaurant imagery, portraiture like J Bird Consulting or Fitwise London or events like Ambience Event’s Dressy Messy Ball, I have a wealth of tips and advice to help guide you on your choices.


HD rep hotel du vin emma hunt little black dress mel wilde photography


She is a pleasure to work with. Upbeat, can do and creative. She was the perfect choice for the Hotel Du Vin Wimbledon Launch. She knew most of the local business guests and VIPs and just added to the warmth and fun. The red carpet was a giggle. She offered every lady tips on how to stand, and drop half a dress size on camera, and the guests loved her manner. The images inside and on the terrace were just what we hoped and more.

Rachel Wookey, former Marketing Lead for Hotel Du Vin Wimbledon

A 90 minute commercial photography shoot is my classic business offer you can read more about fees here. If you need more time or several shoots, ask me about bespoke package pricing. I offer a great network to tap into. Should you need make up or hair artists on shoot, or assistance with advertising afterwards ask me. If you need guidance on reliable printing suppliers to show off the imagery, web design or advice on how to use your imagery on social media, ask. I love championing local business and in return they champion me.

What fantastic photographs. Love them. That red backdrop was all her and brilliant. I love that shot! Inspired.

Definitely recommend her for all your photography needs.

– Jemima Bird

Are you my next commercial client? Shall we start with a chat? Email [email protected] or call me 07725736982 x