The best children’s birthday parties ooze fun and parents want those memories kept. I still remember my eldest’s bear hug after his 7th, thanking me for the best day of his life. I’m sure we will top it, as days go, but that light in his eye was a magical moment. Bounced at shoulder height by his pals at the end, it is a party moment he will never forget. Those images are precious. 7 is a special age and that was a special party. He still loves looking at the photographs with us and  I think that will last for years.


HD birthday 2 v 2 mel wilde photography


Too often, mums and dads cannot take enough photographs. Others worry they can’t capture a special party well enough. But, parties are busy events for parents. One greets guests, checks in coats, stores gifts, supervises children, runs games, serves food, lights cake candles… and that’s without hosting any adults. It is a whirlwind of excitement. And, if one adds photography to the list of duties, it means you don’t feature in the images. So, looking back, you are somehow erased because you were stuck behind a lens.


party 5 HD mel wilde photography


party 10 HD mel wilde photography


A great children’s photographer is worth the fee at a party. We know it’s important to gain some of you in the fun too. This precious period of parties gives way soon enough to celebrations independent of mum and dad. All parents deserve some stunning birthday memories to look back on. My job is to capture the theme, the fun, the children and you. Your birthday girl or boy is always the image priority. Portraits of them midst the fun are key. So, I work really quickly and never stop the fun.


HD birthda 4 v 2 mel wilde photography


When a client asks me about a birthday party coverage, it is because the birthday is special. One doesn’t hire a pro photographer for every party, but some events lend themselves to fun pictures you want captured well. Ask yourself:

  • Is your party theme strong to aid the sense of colour and atmosphere in the imagery?
  • Are the children active in games, to gain fun images of laughing youngsters or youngsters in motion?
  • Are they outdoors in the garden / park or in an indoor space large enough for a photographer to move around unobtrusively?

If the answer to those three questions is yes, your party could have a huge budget or a tiny one, but it’ll still photograph beautifully. My party gallery shows three parties all set outdoors in a garden or the local common. What is interesting about all three is that they are games led rather than entertainer driven, so capturing youngsters in motion was a breeze. The giggles are there, alongside fierce competitiveness! The expressions of the children are fantastic. My lens loves that!


hd 2017 party mel wilde photography 4


Not all the guests are in fancy dress. The parents made use of enough props, party booth hats, signs and party boxes to add context. Each party photographed so well, coffee table books could be made for each event. My brief with each was to be unobtrusive but to capture the giggles and gain some solo shots of the birthday child. I love those commissions.


hd 2017 party mel wilde photography 14


hd 2017 party mel wilde photography 11


The Luau party was vibrant and rammed with colour and a lot of water fights. The kids had a blast and the fun shows in the images. The survival party feels very much in its setting: woodland colours, camouflage clothing worn by most guests. Each guest took home an army cap. The birthday boy was decked out in khakis. The ‘grub’ bags felt very authentic, the compass biscuits inspired by the theme.


HD 2017 mel wilde photography 19



hd 2016 party 3


A duo of helpers from Sharky and George led the event, but the local common was free of charge. The rangers apparently are very encouraging of youngsters learning survival skills. Check out the gallery for a longer look and some inspiration for your own party planning.


hd 2016 party 1


So, how much does a birthday party cost to have photographed? I offer two packages, a complete digital package and also a smaller package where you can choose prints or books or frames. Bear in mind that when you hire me for a 2 hour commission, I work closer to 6 by editing the imagery and sharing them via a gallery for you. So, if you’d like to hire me for a party commission, get in touch on 07725736982 or e: [email protected]