Spooky season is almost with us! Have you planned your halloween party or would you like some help?

I capture a lot of parties and one thing always rings true, budget is not king but laughter is! So, any party that permits some mess and giggles is going to be memorable. Let’s start with decor! Whenever I capture a Halloween party I am always staggered by what one can do with what you may already have at home for props and a sharpie pen!

Take these satsuma treats with spooky faces and this monochrome living room blanket for back drop, the old cake stand for the white skull and the paper bags made from free printables online. It’s the perfect orange and monochrome staging for a spooky night of fun. A little online printing and some rummaging around the house and hey presto, the party table is set.

Pop your chocolate treats in your coffee mugs and dig out some candlesticks and you are ready for stage two. The games plan! This time of year inspires witchcraft and sorcery, so if you fancy a Harry Potter theme for Halloween, the blog is full of tips for games and potion mixing. If something more traditional appeals, apple bobbing and ‘witch hunting’ always works if the kids team up to defeat the adults!

Encouraging dress up really adds to the photography and the atmosphere. This monochrome make up is a lesson in what one can do with white face-paint and a black eyeliner pencil. You don’t need pro make up artist skills to give the kids a sensational look!

Once the kids had finessed the adults’ spooky make up, we were ready to get started.

This party was run at home in the garden, kitchen and living room. Ten under 12s joined the fun, in full party costume, to beat the adults over 8 challenges. The games included:

  • Human pyramid posing, for team photos
  • Apple bobbing relays where teams had to retrieve apples from bowls of water with their mouths, race around the garden and tag a teammate to continue
  • Witchhunting  in 4s, where teams sat astride their broom and mop handles racing the clock to retrieve 12 plastic witch cake toppers
  • Witchity quick-draw, where artists used marker pens between their toes to sketch witches in forests with their right feet
  • A tissue relay where pairs raced a course using straws and suction alone to keep a tissue in place between them from start to finish
  • Chopstick frenzy where pairs took on the adults to move cheerios from one bowl to another in a race of the dexterous
  • Mummification – the traditional toilet roll wrap up
  • Witch Witch ghoul – a version of Duck Duck Goose

Of course, the whole evening was rigged! Nothing screams finale like the children gunge dunking the adults and these cheating dads really had it coming! 6 buckets and bowls of cold watery spaghetti was hidden under the garden table til they were needed at the party’s end.

And gunge dunking the dads brought cheers and shrieks of laughter. (Top tip: don’t forget to lay out some waterproof sheeting before you say Go to Gunge! It’s much easier to clear away afterwards!)

Can’t decide if you need a photographer to capture your halloween party? Read this blog to help you decide which parties it’s useful to book a pro for and why.

Browse my party galleries. Have a great time planning your party and Happy Halloween! xx

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