I love capturing birthday imagery. Nothing is more fun than seeing parents’ grins and little ones surrounded by pals enjoying a special bash. Under 11, every birthday party can feel like a milestone rites of passage that deserves special photography. Often those parties really do deserve a pro’ to help you out. And certainly my blog has a lot of tips on when to decide to get a special photographer, skilled with kids and working at speed unobtrusively, to help capture your party.

This party made a young boy’s come true as he became Doctor Who.

This party was a film based affair where I trailed the cinematographer filming the youngsters. The birthday boy had written his script and his pals had rehearsed, a little. All of them were so invested in the notion of making a movie, that none let the birthday boy down on costumes. They all designed their own and they were fabulous to see.

The birthday boy had set his screenplay in 2010 on a local street, making use of garage doors for mysterious planets, neighbours’ gardens for sites the Tardis could land and the pavement for stand offs against the Daleks….

Because this was a private party, there are fewer images on display, but certainly enough for you to get a sense of the efforts they had gone to, before filming day, with their props, costumes and set design. From Tardis interior, exterior to No 10 Downing Street and the BBC News desk for World News…


The Tardis interior was a masterclass in what one can achieve with tin foil, boxes and a party streamer curtain… Their talented cinematographer was a neighbour and pal, and a gifted student in filming, hired by the family to help.

2 weeks later, the cast joined the party boy for a pemiere with pizza at home. They watched themselves, took their party bag awards and praise and a dvd each of their screen debuts. A memorable party by anyone’s standards. Happy 9th dear boy. You and your pals were epic!

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