Brina and Becs are best friends. They will tell you their children brought them together, meeting first and insisting the mums become pals.  Fast forward several years, and a lot of fun stories, and they share holidays, family time and lifelong passions for jewellery and travel.

Becs, Rebecca Huffine, has worked in marketing and media with lots of beauty and accessory brands after a stint in the city. An American in London she met Australian Brina Wadsworth through their three youngsters. Friendship sparked, Becs went on to launch MadLegs Media to advise other new brands on their path ahead. Brina is a former surfwear buyer, theatre performer and a model. She later carved out a career in the travel industry, as the true Australian globetrotter. Together they are those warm, fun ladies you would hop to the bar with for cocktails. Now, they are launching Wimbledon’s newest jewellery collection.

They describe themselves as obsessed with jewellery and it is easy to see why. Browse their range and immediately you spot their travel influences and the fusion of stylish pieces that have international flavours. Their buying trips have taken them all over Europe and their range is indisputably stunning.

Brina and Becs launch in November, keen to open up their range for discerning clients before Christmas. My brief was set to mix indoor photography with street photography in Wimbledon. We set about a 90 minute shoot capturing 80+ images around Wimbledon Village. The first goal was to capture and introduce the two friends as the brand’s faces for Brina and Becs.

The second goal was to capture in three shots a wide, mid width and close up of Brina or Becs wearing each of the pieces in the collection.  Becs, the team’s media expert, was keen to avoid lay-flat product shots in their launch photography. Instead the pair wanted to mix styling tips on how to wear the collection, with introducing themselves and their brand.

I loved this sense of drilling down closer and closer to each piece. Bec’s concept was to capture how to wear the piece, followed up with closer images to capture each piece’s details.

What I loved about working with Brina and Becs was their strong sense of brand and their clear sense of fun. Both women strongly directed me to capture the spirit of their friendship, those unposed moments where they just crack up laughing. Those images are Brina and Becs. And, at the heart of those images lies their brand: stylish and fun. Just like them.

Follow Brina and Becs on instagram or twitter. And check out their site for those all important Christmas treats!

Mel Wilde Photography loves supporting local businesses with their brand photography. I am always touched to be trusted with the dream of someone’s new brand. Brina and Becs found me through Charlotte of Charlotte Loves. As Wimbledon’s best stylist, Charlotte’s site sings with stylish images captured by me around Wimbledon.

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