I love photographing people and those they love. I want to capture images you’ll cherish, share and reminisce over for years to come.

I adore photographs! As a kid, I treasured chats with grandparents over polaroids and sepia images. I liked how pictures magically laid out their lives for me. The images connected us and explained their stories. Now, I want to photograph yours.

Great photography is as much about camera skill as it is the conversation with you. I take naturally lit family and wedding photography that is led by you and your personalities. We seek out authentic fun and I go anywhere in the UK to photograph it!

Possibly, you’ll want to know a bit about me… What to share?! Well, I like a good hat and fresh flowers. I’m a candle addict, I love trees in autumn and pretty much any gift wrapped in a ribbon! I’ve a weakness for junk yards, long walks; and any cinema that lets me take in a glass of red! I’m romantic, friendly and someone who thinks nothing about lying in the mud to get you the most beautiful shot…

I live in Wimbledon with my husband and two young sons. They are my world.

I’ll be thrilled to hear from you. Get in touch for a relaxed chat.

Mel x